BuildConfigurator: A web-based tool for complex product configuration

Let your best salesman store the best sales strategies in Build Configurator and get a structured sales tool, that allows even new salespeople to get more productive.

For whom:

  • Do you sell complex products that need to be configured?
  • Do your customers want to see, immediately, how choices affect the price and appearance?
  • Do your customers ask for changes of their configurations? Even after the production has started?
  • Will there sometimes be production errors due to incomplete or faulty work orders?

Build Configurator is designed to deal with this reality! Build Configurator increase productivity in sales, quotations, contracts, purchasing and production processes!

1. Configure or use the standard configurations.  2. The quote can be accessed online or by mail.
3. A printout of the configuration is included in the contract.  4. The BOM is sorted by supplier and grouped per article.
5. Work Orders by role and configuration area is generated.  6. Handle change requests if any.


  • Build Configurator guides the user through a structured sales process.
  • Customers can participate actively in the configuration process.
  • Rule based configuration reduces the number of errors in order entry, purchase and work orders.
  • Continuous update of total price, during configuration.
  • Compensates price between any included product price and the added (non standard) product price.
  • Provides clear specifications and contract documents, BOM and work orders are generated from the configured product.
  • Safer handling of change requests.
  • Web-based, delivered as a service. That is, no large investments.
  • No data specialists necessary.
  • Many people can use the system from any location.
  • With 3D graphics, the customer can see how choices will appear instantly. (Optional)
  • Sales and product know how gets saved.


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